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20 March 2013

Puppies were born.


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22 April 2012

XLVII National Dog Show in Lublin, judge Małgorzata Zakrzewska (PL)
GWEN STEFANI Punkt Widzenia (open class), excellent 1/6, CWC, BOS

8 September 2011

Puppies were born!
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szczenięta Punkt Widzenia

29 March 2011

Puppies were born!
1 fawn male and 1 brindle female
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YUKA  Punkt Widzenia

1 March 2011

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6 December 2009

X Barbórkowa Dog Show NOWA RUDA - judge A. Ostrowski
YAVA Punkt Widzenia I excellent CWC
YAVA has finished Polish Champion class

15 November 2009

International Dog Show Kielce - judge P.Król
YAVA Punkt Widzenia I excellent, CAC, res.CACIB


31 October 2009

International Dog Show Ryga - judge J.Ovesna
YAVA Punkt Widzenia II excellent - open class

27 September 2009

International Dog Show Wrocław - judge K.H.Blumenrode (D)
YAVA Punkt Widzenia II excellent


10 September 2009

5-6.09.2009 DRACULA SHOW in Tagru Mures. Chidren of La Palette Plaisant SHARM got very nice results. First day
MATI Sto Pręg - CACIB and Cruft's 2010 qualificaations,his sister FERRERO ROCHE 100 Pręg did this same CACIB and Cruft's 2010 qualifications.
Next day MATI Sto pręg CAC, a FERRERO ROCHE 100 Pręg - CACIB title of Romanian Champion.
Congratulations to breeder!!!



4 September 2009

LOOK!!! They had a party!!! Very tired girls are sleeping like an angels, now!


27 August 2009

We got a latest photo of 10 weeks old Seti Punkt Widzenia
Seti is loved and spoiled by Kasia and Andrzej from Poznan


24 July 2009

New photos have been added to Puppies :-)
Many more photos of our puppies you can find viewing

3 July 2009

We added new photos of our Puppies to the website.

22 June 2009

Our website has changed its look:-)

14 June 2009

National Dog Show in Lublinie (Poland)
judge: Bas Bosch (NL)

After a year breake La Palette Plaisant SHARM ”Blondas” showed his best side! Presented in champions class he got CAC and Best Mature Dog of Breed!
YAVA Punkt Widzenia in open class got IV and excellent.

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The same day in our kennel
Puppies were born!

2 brindle males, 1 brindle and 3 fawn females

We invite you to see Puppies.