About us

 „Punkt Widzenia” kennel started in 1990 and our first cynologic love were Boxers. We grew up few litters of fawn and brindle boxers, and our biggest achievement was GANA Punkt Widzenia, which was qualified on excellent IV in Champions Class on ATIBOX World Boxer Show in 1998 (Bohemia). Well, it was different time and different possibilities... :-)

Few years later, looking through Mr.Smyczyński's book „Psy, rasy i wychowanie”, I saw a Wolfspitz, whose wonderful psyche and watching skills were exactly what I was looking for. Until now I think that this breed is completly underestimated by people, their exterior and intelligence amaze me all the time. Below I wrote few words about this breed, based on my observations.


MERCEDES Lotoznicka tvrz

A Wolfspitz contains the beautiful of nature and astonishing intelligence.
Perfectly fitted to our weather conditions. Is long-lived and immune to diseases. Splendidly works as vigilant, wary of unfamiliars watchdog of possesion and not making troubles, sociable member of the household.
A Wolfspitz has got optimum height and weight, what with comprehensiveness and susceptibility to learning make him easy in training obedience and agility, hunting and even guarding exercises.
Very effective appearance isn't made by any special procedure of caring - is generally simple in keeping and not demanding.
Wolfspitz are proud and independent but at the same time like children very well and tolerate other animals.

In our kennel a lot of attention is putted to keeping primary, unchanged for centuries appearance of Wolfspitz, carefully growing up puppies and serving professional help to new owners.

Tosia Punkt Widzenia

In 1999 in our house appeard little female of French Bulldog breed, who gave us TOSIA Punkt Widzenia. Next in 2004 we imported from Russia the male - La Pallete Sharm, representative of english-canadian line, and unplanned female LOLA Kręcony Loczek (Club Winner 2007 - judge: V.Raamsdonk), who, mated to Danish male, gave the beginning of new breeding line.

In 2004 we were honoured with brown award of Polish Kennel Club for breeding achievements.

Tamara and Zdzisław Olejko